Agile R100 Biosensor Chip – NHS


Agile R100 Rapid Amine-immobilization Biosensor Chip – NHS has pre-activated amine-linker chemistry that enables you to immobilize your target directly to the biosensor surface. Molecules can be covalently linked to the surface via amine groups, enabling kinetic characterization for antibodies, kinases, peptides, or small molecules.


  • Uses rapid amine-linker chemistry
  • Reduces protocol steps and reagents needed, which decreases experiment time and variability
  • For use with numerous target molecule types including antibodies, kinases, peptides, and small molecules.
  • Covalent linkage to biosensor chip surface enables stable attachment
  • Zero-length linkers bring your molecule closer to the surface for increased sensitivity
  • Control the concentration of target on the biosensor chip surface
  • No dextran or related material
  • 30-day shelf life
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Agile R100 biosensors are made of graphene, platinum, and glass – biologically inert materials that do not react with your experiment. The biosensors are regeneration-capable, and depending on the stability of the immobilized molecule, can provide up to 10 measurements. Each measurement with the Agile biosensor is taken with three replicate data points for strong internal reproducibility and technical control.

Includes: Number of biosensors as indicated in the pack and corresponding amount of reagent to functionalize.

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